YVR adopts land management guidelines

by Canadian Shipper

Vancouver International Airport will adopt land management guidelines that apply to airside and non-airside lands at Vancouver International Airport.

The Vancouver International Airport covers around 1340 hectares of land on Sea Island, of which only 15 per cent is currently suitable for lease or development.

The guidelines were developed after a consultation process with airport tenants, neighbours and stakeholders, and will be adopted following a ruling by the Competition Bureau.

Vancouver International Airport President and CEO Larry Berg said the land management guidelines serve as an important tool for the Airport Authority when deciding how to best use the airport’s remaining land to best serve the community.

“Land at Vancouver International Airport is a scarce commodity. As the stewards of this land, the Airport Authority must weigh carefully the opportunities, benefits and disadvantages that come with a given land development. These guidelines ensure that land leases will be granted on the basis of compatibility with the operation of an airport, and for the economic interests of the entire province,” said Berg.

Within the land management guidelines, airside lands or lands that have or potentially have, direct access to runways, taxiways and aprons will primarily be used to support the long-term needs of Vancouver as an international airport. For Non-Airside Lands, the guidelines require land management decisions that support the Airport Authority’s mission of developing Vancouver as an economic generator.

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