Project44 lists preferred carriers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

AALBORG, Denmark & CHICAGO & PARIS – Logistics visibility platform provider Project44 has rolled out a preferred carrier program.

The program evaluates and recognizes — through a monthly published list — less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload carriers in the project44 network that have demonstrated excellence in performance, consistency, delivery of high-fidelity data and shipment visibility across multiple loads.

Through this program, global retailers, manufacturers and distributors can benefit from more predictable and higher service levels and increased network stability. Preferred carriers have the advantage of gaining additional business opportunities from over 300 enterprise customers, representing US$57B of managed freight, and more strategic, multiyear relationships​.

“Markets will always have their ups and downs, and we have to stay agile and productive regardless. Real-time visibility empowers us to add more value to our customers by keeping their costs consistent and shipments predictable,” said Bartłomiej Wędzikowski of Wedzikowski Transport, a European truckload carrier headquartered in Poland.

“We’re confident that our standing in project44’s Preferred Carriers list will send a direct signal to our customers that we are committed to their business success.”

Project44’s preferred carriers list includes nine LTL carriers in North America and 320 truckload carriers, ranked as the top 200 in Europe, top 100 in North America, and top 20 in Latin America. Each of these 329 carriers demonstrated best in class performance levels and exceeded customers’ expectations for real-time visibility.

Those included on the list are awarded with the tracking compliance badge representing that a particular carrier has met project44’s rigorous tracking standards, including high tracking percentages across multiple loads, consistent delivery of high-fidelity data, and commitment to real-time shipment visibility.

Some of the pioneering carriers reaching Preferred status in May include Saia and Averitt Express on the LTL list and DSV and CR England on the truckload list.

“Project44 enables LTL carriers to eliminate manual processes and increase efficiency,” said Marek Bella, leader of Europe carrier operations at project44.

“Our data show that truckload carriers visible on the project44 network are four times more likely to win freight and new customers.”

“We’re very proud to be recognized as a project44 preferred carrier. Capacity is tight, and trucking conditions have been changed dramatically and rapidly,” said Wendi Fitzsimmons, project and IT Manager at Volpe Dedicated, a North American carrier with nearly 100 years of truckload experience, which topped the North American truckload list in may.