Pitney Bowes rolling out Gatik autonomous trucks in Dallas

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by Emily Atkins

Pitney Bowes will be integrating autonomous trucks from Gatik into its network in Dallas starting in 2023.

Gatik’s class 6 autonomous box trucks are designed for middle mile deliveries. Pitney Bowes says they will be used in a continuous, operational loop across its e-commerce logistics network in the city, making multiple deliveries per day.

“Our partnership with Pitney Bowes reinforces the intense demand we are seeing for autonomous trucks that can operate within urban and semi-urban environments,” said Gautam Narang, CEO and co-founder, Gatik.

“We’re excited to help Pitney Bowes accelerate the transformation of their supply chain by establishing a safe, secure and hyper-responsive autonomous delivery service in the greater-Dallas area.”

During the initial phase, an operator will be aboard each of the trucks to monitor performance. Data collected from deliveries will be used to improve network design and identify additional opportunities for cost savings and service improvements. Pitney Bowes plans to ultimately integrate autonomous vehicles across its national e-commerce logistics network.

“Our partnership with Gatik promotes growth and accelerates the modernization and expansion of our network with technology solutions that are redefining e-commerce logistics,” said Stephanie Cannon, SVP, Head of Global Platform and Network, Pitney Bowes. “Gatik’s flexible and responsive logistics network enables us to tailor our Designed Delivery services to provide shippers with unmatched solutions. Pitney Bowes and Gatik’s innovative strategies align to remove cost and complexity from e-commerce logistics to better serve our clients.”

Gatik focuses on short-haul, B2B logistics for Fortune 500 retailers such as Walmart, Loblaw, KBX and Georgia-Pacific, and in 2021 became the first company worldwide to operate fully driverless commercial deliveries on the middle mile. Gatik’s Class 3 to 6 autonomous box trucks are being used deployed in multiple markets including Ontario, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Gatik and Ryder are also collaborating on autonomous driving, with Gatik adding its technology to a fleet of Ryder-owned trucks.