Centre of Expertise in Port Logistics launched in Quebec

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The creation of a new logistics expertise centre was announced in Quebec, and will operate with the goal of carrying out applied research projects for the industry, as well as develop competitive, intelligent, and sustainable logistics chains.

The Centre of Expertise in Port Logistics took advantage of the fourth annual Assises québécoises du secteur maritime to announce the launch, as well as introduce its board of directors, members, and general manager.

The new centre will help improve supply chain efficiency and benefit the maritime and port industries, the research community, and Quebec as a whole.

“To maintain this competitiveness and stand out on a global scale, the ports will have to overcome challenges requiring collective efforts in research and innovation, and the pooling of expertise and resources,” said Gaétan Boivin, board chair. “It was with this in mind, and because no other organization had yet taken on the exclusive mission of responding to port development issues, that the Centre of Expertise was created.”

Boivin also took the opportunity to introduce the Centre’s general manager, Vicky Adam, who was recently appointed by the board of directors.

“With a master’s degree in management sciences and a doctorate in administration, Adam joins the centre after having worked for several years in the fields of naval architecture and design, as well as in research and management of port projects,” said Boivin.

“It is with great honour and dedication that I will take on the role of general manager of the centre,” said Adam. “The Quebec port sector is vibrant, and the already strong affiliation of its members bears witness to the desire of these players to pool their efforts to meet the port logistics challenges of the St. Lawrence – Saguenay system, through the development of appropriate solutions and expertise.”

A significant part of the Canadian and Quebec economies is the result of trade passing through the St. Lawrence and Saguenay ports, and the ability of any one of these ports to support global trade depends on the competitiveness of the network as a whole.

The centre boasts more than 20 members representing ports, terminal operators, the research community, and organizations that revolve around the major port industry. The involvement of this ecosystem, whether through financial support or by opening up access to their infrastructure, equipment, workers, and experts, enables the centre’s programming to be directed toward developing or testing solutions aligned with their needs. The interface thus created between the ports, the scientific community, and all other organizations will contribute to the adoption of a culture of innovation throughout the St. Lawrence – Saguenay region.