Descartes buys BearWare, Inc

by MM&D Online Staff

WATERLOO, Ontario—Descartes Systems Group has acquired BearWare, Inc, a US-based provider of mobile solutions to improve collaboration between retailers and their logistics service providers for approximately US $11.25 million in cash.

For over 25 years, BearWare has been helping retailers and their logistics service providers collaborate on store shipments. BearWare’s system uses mobile technologies to scan cartons at each point from the distribution centres through to the store front. This carton-level tracking complements shipment-level tracking and helps identify potential inventory replenishment for each store, reduces theft and claims for lost cartons, and streamlines shipment payment.

It also supports pool distribution, which helps retailers to reduce logistics costs and minimize store disruptions by eliminating unconsolidated direct shipments from suppliers and retailer DCs into the stores. The BearWare system is being used by retailers including L Brands, Restoration Hardware and GNC.

“Traditional retail distribution systems are not set up to handle plan versus actual tracking at the carton level,” said Ken Wood, executive vice-president product management at Descartes. “BearWare’s platform and team of domain experts is unique in the market, helping its customers track more than 120 million cartons a year. The combination complements Descartes’ recent investment in Airclic.”

“Omni-channel retailing is putting tremendous pressure on retailers to leverage their assets more effectively and be responsive to the market,” said Edward J. Ryan, Descartes’ CEO. “The BearWare solution provides retailers with another way to move their goods efficiently through the supply chain to help ensure that they have the right goods, in the right location, at the right time and for the lowest cost.”

BearWare is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.