Kion Group opens plant in India

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The new manufacturing plant under construction.

Frankfurt/Main, Germany – Kion Group AG has opened a new manufacturing plant in India.

The new facility, which the company claims is India’s largest production facility for intralogistics equipment, is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

The ultra-modern plant, on an area of around 25 hectares (roughly 62 acres), builds diesel and electric forklifts as well as battery-powered lift trucks and reach trucks. The new plant is equipped with a total of three assembly lines including a paint shop, parts warehouse and an R&D centre.

In addition, the new plant has a solar power plant with 700 kilowatt amperes for energy generation as well as in-house processes for water conservation and waste management.

“We realized the Indian market has been growing very rapidly and the demand for high performance products has been increasing as well,” said CP Quek, chief Asia Pacific officer and a member of Kion’s Executive Board, attending the launch ceremonies.

The company is spending approximately 15 million euros on the new plant and creating more than 100 additional jobs in Pune.

Kion in India

The Kion Group has had a presence in India, an important growth market, since 2011.

Kion India has been the country’s leading industrial truck and warehouse technology vendor since 2016 through sales of the well-known Italian brand, OM, and its Indian-Italian brand, OM Voltas. In addition to the OM and OM Voltas products, Kion India also sells industrial trucks, warehouse technology and services from Baoli in China and the German brand, Linde.

The range includes diesel forklift trucks from 1.5 to 16 tonnes, electric forklift trucks from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes as well as industrial trucks, warehouse technology and intralogistics services.

Kion India is also selling new automated supply chain solutions from Kion brand Dematic.

The company’s countrywide sales and service network includes more than 40 locations and dealerships with over 100 sales outlets. Kion India currently employs around 400 employees.