Bermingham expands at Hamilton port

by MM&D staff

HAMILTON: Hamilton Port Authority, Bermingham Foundation Solutions and Labatt Breweries of Canada have reached an agreement that will see Bermingham expand their facilities and occupy a portion of the former Lakeport Brewery building. Labatt will pay the rent on the property until May 2012—a contribution valued at roughly $125,000.

“Labatt is pleased that Bermingham is taking advantage of our offer and will be able to use our donation to expand their operations and maintain employment levels in Hamilton,” said Labatt spokesperson Jeff Ryann. The Hamilton Port Authority and Bermingham have also invested $3 million.

Bermingham Foundation Solutions is a foundation contractor and manufacturer of diesel pile driving hammers, reverse circulation drills and other foundation equipment. Since last year, Labatt and Hamilton Port Authority have been actively seeking an appropriate tenant that could take advantage of the offer to cover occupancy costs. The resulting agreement will see a long time Hamilton company continue its operations on the port land and continue to round out the expertise in the port. Bermingham is currently located beside the former Lakeport property at Pier 10.

“We’re growing steadily and this arrangement will allow us to expand our operations and at the same time remain in Hamilton,” said Bermingham CEO Patrick Bermingham. “It was important to us to have an opportunity to grow in our home where our pool of talent lives.”

The Hamilton Port Authority said its business development team had searched for a new occupant for the building that fit the strategic focus of the port. “Supporting our existing partners and together finding solutions for them to grow within the port is vital to our success,” said the port’s president and CEO, Bruce Wood.

The new lease agreement with Bermingham is set for a 12-year term.