CP ridealong

by MM&D staff

CALGARY, Alberta—Canadian Pacific’s Calgary Intermodal Facility sits on 100 acres of land in the southeast of the city.

Nine trains operate out of the yard. Each tends to be between 10,000 and 12,000 feet long.

There is room for 50,000 feet of rail cars, but CP officials say they like to have well under that number because the yard is completely turned over every day.  This means CP undertakes and 15,000 handlings per month.  A handling is any time a container arrives or departs by rail. Moving it around the yard by shunt truck or top lift crane doesn’t count.

Typically between 550 and 800 trucks are in and out of the yard every day.

Forty-one percent of the goods moving through the terminal are bulk products. Thirty-four percent is classed as merchandise. And 25 percent is intermodal.

Both Sears Canada and Canadian Tire have distribution centres located at the intermodal yard. The Sears DC is 770-thousand square feet. Canadian Tire’s is even larger. CP, however, is hoping for new on-site partners. There are three parcels of land, situated on 205 acres, available for new co-located warehouses. Currently, a new distribution centre is under construction.

Originally MM&D had posted a video tour of this facility. Unfortunately, that footage is no longer available.

Apologies to readers who were hoping to see footage from CP’s Calgary yard.

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