CP to provide rail transportation for Contrans

by MM&D staff

TORONTO: CP will be the exclusive Canadian rail transportation provider for Woodstock, Ontario-based transportation company Contrans, and will use multimodal flat rack containers from Raildecks Intermodal. The railway company said the agreement extends the long-haul efficiencies of rail to markets usually served by transport trucks. CP said it has been testing Raildecks’ 53ft collapsible, multimodal carriers this summer at its Toronto intermodal facility in Vaughan, Ontario.

“Raildecks’ innovative product extends the efficiencies of intermodal rail to industrial products shippers,” said John McBoyle, vice-president of intermodal at CP. “We believe industrial product customers will be attracted to the consistency, efficiency and reliability of our long-haul intermodal network.”

Raildecks said its intermodal flat rack was designed to convert over-the-road industrial freight onto the intermodal rail network. As an open container with no ceiling or side walls, the Raildecks container can be collapsed for repositioning and storage. According to Raildecks, this road-to-rail conversion reduces greenhouse gas emissions, frees up roadways and highways, adds capacity and reduces cost.