Halterm and Oceanex extend partnership

by MM&D staff

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia—A deal to extend the relationship between Oceanex Inc and Halterm Container Terminal Limited will result in more than $60 million in revenue for the Port of Halifax over the next seven years.

Oceanex has made Halifax a regular port of call since 1991, and according to captain Sid Hynes the company has been pleased with the service it has received at the port.

“Over the years a strong, trusting relationship has evolved between Halterm and Oceanex. we have a high level of confidence in their operational excellence, flexibility, world-class service and their appetite for continuous improvement in terms of exceeding customer expectations.

“These are critical elements particularly when you consider the high value and the nature of the cargoes they handle for us.”

Halterm describes Oceanex as “a key carrier for the island province of Newfoundland”. The company imports paper products and raw materials from the province to the Halifax port, as well as containers of refrigerated seafood.

Oceanex’s oubound cargo from Halifax to Newfoundland includes new vehicles, project materials and consumer goods. Some of the vehicles are shipped from the CN Autoport, which is located across the harbour from the Halifax terminal, but Halterm supplies the stevedoring services services for the loading and unloading of the vehicles.

Ashley Dinning, CEO and managing director of Halterm, said the contract extension is important for the port and for Halifax.

“For our operations team, it provides further certainty of employment in the current tough economic environment.”

He added that having access to Oceanex’s cargo is an important incentive for the development of other business.

“For Halterm’s other shipping company customers, whose vessels tranship the Oceanex cargoes to North America and international markets, Halterm provides them with substantially lower costs access to this valuable Newfoundland cargo, given that it is unloaded and reloaded to ship from the same location,” said Dinning.

“This will be a significant competitive factor for us going forward.”