Head of US pallet association dies

by MM&D staff

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia: The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) announced that its president and CEO died from cancer earlier this week.

Bruce Scholnick was with the organization since 2000. He led the NWPCA’s lobbying efforts in Washington and worked to ensure government regulations wouldn’t cause harm to members.

The NWPCA describes his management style as one that forced employees to take on new roles and continually develop their skills. A statement issued by the association says, “He never allowed staff to grow too comfortable or complacent in their tasks. Bruce regularly challenged staff to identify innovative ways to deliver member products and services and create valuable new ones. He was most demanding on himself and was constantly seeking to identify industry opportunities that were as of yet undiscovered.”

Sam McAdow of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, in South Charleston, Ohio, will serve as interim acting president and will report to board of directors chair James Ruder.