How couriers stack up

by MM&D Staff

Shippers having difficulty deciding which courier is best have a new tool created to make the job easier.

Breininger & Associates Inc has released its annual “Major Canadian Courier Company Organizational and Service Comparison Report,” a document meant to help shippers compare the top eight courier companies working in the Canadian market across 150 different operating and service-related variables.

The report compares Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, Purolator, TNT and UPS.

The report reveals some noteworthy disparities in the capabilities and practices of these companies.

For instance, five of the eight companies offer US drop-shipping program. Six of the eight provide freight forwarding services and Customs brokerage. All but one provide supply chain design, consulting and management services. And only one provides temperature-controlled services.

The report also compares standard rates, surcharges (for things like oversized packages or dimensional weights), geographical reach and service hours.

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