New humanitarian logistics conference planned for September

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by Emily Atkins

The Logistics Hall of Fame is launching a humanitarian supply chain conference in 2023. ConnectChains will premiere on November 29 in Berlin.

The one-day event aims to aid the transfer of knowledge in humanitarian supply chain management among humanitarian organizations, commercial enterprises, government representatives and other stakeholders. The target audience is logistics and supply chain experts in humanitarian and development aid organizations as well as logistics companies. Representatives from foundations, academia and governments, as well as international donors are also encouraged to attend.

A panel discussion will be followed by a presentation by the winner of the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics. The team from the selected organization will be given an opportunity to showcase the innovative project. This is for the first year the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Humanitarian Logistics will be awarded by the Logistics Hall of Fame.

The conference is sponsored by the US-based Fritz Institute, which is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with governments, corporations, and other nonprofit organizations around the world to innovate solutions and facilitate the adoption of best practices for rapid and effective disaster response and recovery.

“The leverage of networking is enormous – there is still great potential for collaboration, especially in topics such as sustainability or cooperation among various players. Supply chain costs account for between 60 and 80 percent of the total cost of a project, and humanitarian organizations have recognized that optimizations in supply chain management, especially in logistics and purchasing, are key to the success of projects. With the ConnectChains Conference, we are helping companies, governments and humanitarian organizations worldwide to better understand the different challenges faced by all parties involved and to jointly leverage this potential,” said Thilo Jörgl, executive jury chairman of the Lynn C. Fritz Medal for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics.

The conference is free, but has limited spaces. Click here to register.