Light load: Cold snaps

by MM&D staff

CHICAGO, Illinois—Seeing ice and shivering in cold temperatures in a cold storage facility housing frozen food are not newsworthy experiences.

But what photographer Gary Jensen saw—and shot—when he entered a cold storage facility owned by Hasak Cold Storage (formerly Fulton Market Cold Storage Company LLC) in Chicago, Illinois was a little out of the ordinary.

The 1920s building had been decommissioned by its owner, and for 13 years before the official shut-down, it had been pretty much left alone, allowing ice to build up inside the facility.

Before the building was thawed, its owners invited the photographer in to take some pictures.

In an interview with Fast Company’s Co.Exist website, Jensen said, “It was just a very very, eery, surreal feeling you got, but it was so intriguing. I never wanted to leave”.

A full gallery of Jensen’s cold storage photos is on his website, and video of the ice melting is posted on the same Fast Company page linked to above.