Light load: Swapping the runway for a conveyor

by MM&D staff

MAHWA, New Jersey—Shoots for fashion magazines often take place in unlikely, exotic places. Even still, we think a distribution centre is an usual choice.

Recently, Vanity Fair magazine photographed Natalie Mas­senet, the founder and executive chairman of Net-a-Porter (an online retailer of luxury goods), in a sashed, strapless, multi-toned fuchsia gown.

Not only is it taken in the DC, the dramatic photo depicts Massenet perched on top of a Dematic conveyor in Net-A-Porter’s newly constructed, 23,225sqm (250,000sqf) DC.

While it may make for a dramatic picture (warehouse lighting has never looked so good!) our first thought immediately jumped to just how dangerous this could be. We can’t even start to count the health and safety violations that were created during the shoot.

If you’d like to comment on the photo, tell us what you think. We’d especially love to know if you’d allow a similar shoot in your facility. Or if you’ve already opened your DC to photographers or film crews, send us the photos and we’ll put them online.