Light load: The future and altered past of Amazon shipping [Video]

by MM&D staff

SEATTLE, sometime in the near future (or maybe the distant past): There is much consternation about the speculation that online retail giant is moving into the same-day delivery market, at least in the US.

Even as commentators start decrying that this will be the end of local bricks-and-mortar retailers, MM&D has to wonder what Amazon’s next step might be, after it conquers the physical world.

Well according to the vision of animated film makers Lucas Klauss, Matt Moskovciak, Ben Stadler and Mack Williams, Amazon’s next logical step will be to bend the space-time continuum to its will with Amazon Yesterday Shipping, which will miraculously have books, shoes and other Amazon items shipped and returned before they can even be ordered thanks to proprietary, time-travel technology (and calling into considerable doubt on the concept of free will).

Of course we’re just waiting for the sequel in which Amazon’s Kiva robots travel back in time looking for a certain John Connor, signalling not just the end of traditional retail but of civilization itself—retroactively before it even begins.