Manitoulin Group buys freight forwarder

by MM&D staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario: Expedite Plus has gone from being a business partner with Manitoulin Group of Companies, to being its newest division.

Manitoulin has purchased Milton, Ontario-based Expedite Plus as a means of augmenting its own expedited service offerings.The two companies have been working together since 2008.

“This has been a hugely successful collaboration and we are delighted to welcome Expedite Plus to the Manitoulin family,” said Dwayne Hihn president, Manitoulin Global Forwarding. “True expedited shipping, such as delivering a vital package from Toronto to Frankfurt in less than 24 hours, is something only a few have perfected. It demands a global network, intricate co-ordination, and local knowledge and experience.”

Manitoulin will retain all Expedite Plus staff members.