MODEX 2012: Raymond debuts automated lift truck

by Array

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: The Raymond Courier rolled across the showfloor at Modex.

The automated lift truck from The Raymond Corp can learn up to 15 miles of routes and automatically travel through a warehouse, making pre-planned stops along the way. The automated lift truck is guided by technology provided by Seegrid and doesn’t require guide paths, laser tapes or wires to be installed in the facility.

It can lift pallets weighing up to 3,630 kb (8,000lbs) and tow a 4,535kg (10,000lb) trailer.

It comes equipped with two obstruction sensors, one in the bumper focused forward at ground level and the other mounted higher on the truck. If the truck senses a obstruction, it will start to slow down nine meters before the object and will come to a complete stop half a meter before the obstruction.

Although the company wouldn’t announce pricing at the show, leaving that up to the distributors to handle, Raymond’s Frank Devlin says the truck should be “one-half to two-thirds cheaper than a conventional AGV”.

He says that because it requires the installation of no guidance equipment, and because it’s fully independent of any other software systems, including warehouse management systems, it’s quick to get deployed.

“You bring it into the building in the morning and can start using it in the afternoon.”