MTO says document only a draft

by MM&D staff

TORONTO, Ontario—According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), a document that appears to grant Walmart Canada the right to conduct a pilot project for its new supercube tractor trailers is not in its finalized form.

As reported earlier, a line in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ontario Registrar of Motor Vehicles and Walmart Canada Corp concerning Special Permits to Operate Extended Semi-Trailers, says the Registrar of Motor Vehicles “agrees to issue Special Permits authorizing Walmart to operate extended semi-trailers on Ontario roads and highways”.

This seemed to contradict an earlier statement by the MTO that only Walmart’s carriers would be issued the permit to operate the pilot project the government requires in order to test how well and how safely these tractor trailers operate on the province’s highways.

MM&D contacted MTO in order to obtain a clarification about the facts of the situation.

According to MTO spokesperson, Bob Nichols, the document in question is still a work in progress.

“The program conditions and materials found in the MOU document are in draft format. We’re continuing to finalize the conditions for the trial operations. The permits will go to the carrier operating for Walmart—that has always been Ministry policy, and remains our policy.”