New cargo village opens in London, Ontario

by MM&D staff

A new cargo terminal opened at London International Airport in Ontario last month.

The new Foreign Trade Cargo Complex.

The new Foreign Trade Cargo Complex is expected to help regional businesses in London and the area by providing greater opportunity to access and compete in international markets.

“This new cargo terminal will help the city become a leading transportation hub, and will be critical to London’s future as a major North American and international gateway,” said Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

“This project is a perfect example of how a well-timed investment can create construction jobs in the short-term while providing lasting infrastructure for longer-term prosperity and growth.”

The feds say the terminal will create more than 150 permanent jobs for London in freight handling, packing, logistics, customs activities and trucking.

The story says the terminal is expected to also ease border crossings.

A story in the London Free Press reports that the feds contributed $8 million of the $11 million it took to build the terminal, which was built on time and under budget.