OTA produces truck route guide

by MM&D staff

TORONTO: The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has released a report giving guidance to Ontario municipalities on developing truck routes. The report, Local Truck Routes: A Guide for Municipal Officials explains factors municipal planners should consider when assessing the need for truck routes, as well as steps that should be taken to ensure a successful truck route development process and outcome.

“OTA is often approached by members and municipalities for input on the development of truck routes,” said Stephen Laskowski, senior vice-president at the organizaton. “We developed this guide to serve the need for general truck route development principles to assist municipal leaders and the trucking industry through the process.”

The document defines a truck route, types of truck traffic and the nature of goods movement. The guide explains why municipalities may develop truck routes and the importance of considering the needs of stakeholders such as shippers, carriers, local businesses and residents.

“The first question municipal planners must ask is whether the existence of a truck route is needed in the municipality,” said Laskowski. “If freight is moving efficiently through a municipality without issue, the development of a truck route is probably not warranted. However, if it is determined that a truck route would be helpful in addressing traffic challenges, there are key issues and stakeholders that must be considered if a truck route is to be successful including clearly defining the problem to be resolved at the outset.”

Once the need for a truck route is identified and the needs of businesses, carriers and the community are understood, the guide explains truck route design considerations and various methods to communicate the plan and solicit feedback from stakeholders. It is also important for municipalities to continually assess whether the truck route was effective in achieving its goals or whether reconsideration is required. Click here to view the report.