Supply chain neglecting social media

by MM&D staff

PORTLAND, Maine: Supply chain vendors are failing use social media communications channels to connect with their customers, according to a recent report.

The survey conducted on behalf of Kemp Goldberg Partners and IDG Research Services, found that “58 percent of respondents report they are totally unaware how their primary supply chain vendors are using social sites, or that their primary supply chain partners are not using social sites to interact with customers.”

In a related question, the study asked respondents if they would interact with their supply chain vendors and partners using social media services if they were offered, and 57 percent said they would.

David Goldberg, a principal at Kemp Goldberg, says supply chain companies are missing business opportunities by neglecting social media.

“Although CRM adoption has been low and slow, we found that those suppliers and vendors who currently use social media have experienced real value, such as more customer satisfaction, loyalty and references, as well as better customer service and higher purchase levels or frequency.”

Those who are considering using social media feel that by doing so they would be able to better stay on top of industry trends (45 percent), track shipments (43 percent), obtain pricing (39 percent), see product reviews and rankings (35 percent), find out about vendors’ offerings (33 percent), dialogue with industry experts or peers (31 percent), find product specifications (29 percent), obtain information to help influence decision making (27 percent), manage invoicing and payments (25 percent) and resolve customer service issues (25 percent).

Among the reasons provided for not using social media were those who reported no benefits from social media (26 percent), confidentiality and security concerns (10 percent), corporate policies preventing access to social media sites (10 percent), and time constraints (five percent).