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Paid Virtual Series – Dematic breaks down the tech behind the automation making the biggest impact in supply chain

September 27, 2019

“There is a knowledge gap across the supply chain industry, and organizations like ours must continuously develop innovative methods to keep our members informed, educated, and at the top of the industry.” – Arnold D’souza, Supply Chain Canada Institute Alberta, Business Development

Dematic and Supply Chain Canada AB have partnered to host an eight-part virtual series highlighting automated supply chain technologies across all markets.

Dematic, a leading supplier of automated technology, software, and services, has supported supply chain education throughout the company’s 200-year life span. This partnership provides Dematic with another opportunity to reach supply chain professionals at a local level.

“We often host similar sessions at large events like September’s Material Handling and Logistics Conference, but opportunities like this series help us provide equally valuable education to local groups like Supply Chain Canada AB, while also providing a platform for those who may not have the opportunity to travel to those larger conferences and events.” – Natalie Nimchand, Dematic Business Development and Marketing Manager

Open to both members and non-members of Supply Chain Canada, each webinar will focus on a specific technology, when and why it is most effective, and how to build the most accurate ROI around the equipment and software.

“The concept for the series was developed in seeing the hunger for knowledge across our member base. There are so many of us who hear terms like IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence but do not see the full impact they have on the industry or how the technology is being used in real operations today,” says D’souza.

“We know that automation is changing the face of supply chain, but how? We had the challenge of getting the most valuable education in this area to our members at a local level and we knew that Dematic would be the best partner to help us fill the gap.”

The series kicks off on October 3, 2019 with an introduction to supply chain automation and will continue every month until June 2020.

The schedule (2019/2020):

October 3 An Intro to Supply Chain Technologies Making the Biggest Impact in the Industry       
November 7 Autonomous Guided Vehicle Solutions — When AGVs Become Right for Your Operation
December 5 Asset Performance Management Software — Strategies to Get the Most out of Your Operational Assets
January 9 Operational Flexibility for Distribution and Production Logistics with Automated Storage Solutions
February 6 Robotic Order Fulfillment — Strategies for Efficient, Accurate Product Flow from Receiving to Shipping
March 5 Scalable, Flexible, Modular Applications for Automated Sortation Strategies
April 2 IoT and Proactive Services — Maintaining Operational Excellence
May 7 Omni-Channel Distribution — Get Orders out the Door Faster, More Accurately, Process Returns, and Make Money Doing It

Dematic hosts virtual and live events across Canada. To learn more about this webinar series and other upcoming activities, visit and contact us.


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