PUDO and CST Canada sign three-year deal

by MM&D Online Staff

TORONTO, Ontario—PUDO Inc has partnered with CST Canada—Ultramar’s motor fuel retailer—to create additional PUDO Points in over 300 locations in Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

PUDO is a last-mile delivery solution for parcel pick-up and drop-off services that uses PUDO Point locations such as convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores with extended hours.

The partnership with CST Canada allows increased access for customers to the rapidly growing PUDO Point network. Members can shop online through a portal and use a PUDO Point address for their “not-at-home” deliveries. This means Canadians can pick up their parcels at their nearest CST Canada site at their convenience.

PUDO currently has more than 5,000 dealers signed up across North America, and a network that continues to grow each day with dealers becoming operational. For these dealers, the company provides opportunities for additional foot traffic and the potential for repeat customer business. As the last mile delivery solution for e-commerce purchases, it has created affiliate agreements with some of North America’s most well-known retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Hudson’s Bay and Walmart.

It was named one of the top 20 most innovative public technology companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange in 2015.

CST Brands, Inc is a retailer of convenience merchandise and motor fuels in North America. Based in San Antonio, Texas, CST employs approximately 12,000 at nearly 1,900 locations throughout the Southwestern United States and Eastern Canada, including 580 at the CST Customer Service Center in San Antonio, Texas and 425 at the CST Service Center in Montreal, Quebec. CST operates around 860 retail fuel sites in Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.