XCMG opens new manufacturing plant in China

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by Emily Atkins

XCMG Port Machinery has begun operations at its new manufacturing base in Xuzhou, China.

The new factory will be able to produce 2,000 units a year, the company says, worth about US514.68 million in sales. The company builds container reach stackers, forklifts, and other mobile port machinery and gantry cranes, shore bridge and other large port machinery.

Construction on the 48-acre site began in 2021, and some of the manufacturing lines were operating by the end of that year.  The company estimates the total cost to be US$171.06 million.

The company makes pure electric and convention fuel vehicles, with five product categories including reach stacker, empty container handler, heavy counterbalanced forklift, telescopic handler forklift, scrap handler and flatbed transporter.

Ports’ environmental goals are driving demand electric products, XCMG said. It is also exploring the application of driverless flatbed transportation robots in ports and harbors.

XCMG Port Machinery’s products are widely used in major ports and harbors around the world. From the Port of Dalian in China’s north to the Port of Guangzhou in the south, XCMG’s solutions are setting industry benchmarks, especially in building up green ports.

XCMG has provided high-quality equipment and services to logistics loading/unloading in many domestic railway freight yards and container transfer stations. The reach stackers are deployed to multiple railway lines including Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway (Zhejiang), China-Vietnam Railway Express (Nanning) and China/Kunming-Laos/Vientiane Railway, speeding up the high-quality development of railway freight transport.