Express Mondor buys WJ Deans

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by Emily Atkins

Express Mondor has bought W.J. Deans Transportation, making the new company one of Canada’s largest flatbed trucking groups.

This transaction, which unites the two Quebec-based companies, was carried out with support from National Bank Private Investment (NBPI) and Desjardins Capital, which will become equal minority shareholders of Express Mondor and its affiliated companies.

“The specialized trucking industry remains fragmented and offers many opportunities for an organization like ours, with a recognized track record, a strong brand image, a solid financial base and a clear growth plan. The acquisition of a high-profile company like W.J. Deans Transportation, which already serves a number of U.S. states and major clients, will allow us to increase our presence across North America. I want to welcome the whole W.J. Deans Transportation team and thank them for trusting us. Together, we can go farther,” said Éric Mondor, president and CEO of Express Mondor.

Express Mondor was founded in 1995 by brothers Billy, Dany and Éric Mondor. It specializes in oversized loads and heavy equipment hauling. It operates the subsidiaries Express Mondor (oversized transportation, particularly in the steel and agriculture sectors), Transport L’Épiphanie (heavy transportation services for major infrastructure projects and the heavy machinery sector) and Les Établissements Dubois (specialized in such sectors as entertainment and metals).

The group has a fleet of 130 trucks and 425 trailers. The company was ranked among the 100 largest SMEs in Quebec by Les Affaires and operates one of Quebec’s 20 largest fleets, according to the 2022 ranking from Transport Routier.

Bill Deans founded W.J. Deans Transportation in 1986. The company specializes in the transportation of metals using cutting-edge equipment. It is headquartered in Delson and has a terminal in Stoney Creek, Ontario. In addition to the 35 company-exclusive owner operators, W. J. Deans Transportation has a fleet of 40 trucks and 125 trailers, as well as a team with in-depth experience in the transportation of heavy metallurgical goods.

The leadership of the company has stayed in the family. Its top executives, Victoria and Valérie Deans will remain with the new company to support the transition.

“We’re very proud of the high-level expertise we’ve built at W.J. Deans Transportation over the past 35 years. This expertise will continue to grow as part of Express Mondor, a transportation company that shares our passion and values. We are enthusiastic about amplifying our existing synergies and accelerating our growth plan with our team,” said Victoria and Valérie Deans, respectively, president and vice-president of W.J. Deans Transportation.