New pallet washing system reduces energy use

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Pallet pooling company RM2 is using a new high-volume pallet washing process which disinfects the reusable platforms with reduced environmental impact.

The innovative process uses Electrolyzed Water (EW), a natural, all-purpose sanitizing and cleaning solution that is EPA certified as a daily disinfectant. In addition to eliminating any use of caustic and potentially irritating chemicals, the new process will require up to 96 percent less energy.

The new system implemented by RM2 produces up to 120 gallons per hour of EW which contains an active ingredient known as Freely Accessible Chlorine (FAC). FAC or HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) is the world’s strongest natural sterilizer and works faster and more effectively than aggressive and expensive chemical sanitizers.

As a result, EW is a proven and effective substitute for a number of conventional chemicals. It is produced on-site by converting simple salt, water, weak acid (like vinegar) and electricity into a solution.

RM2’s new wash process is also environmentally friendly. First, upon completion of the process, the EW reverts back to plain water (H2O) with low concentrations of salt, and the wastewater can easily and safely be disposed of.

Unlike with caustic chemicals used in traditional sanitization processes, no personal protection equipment (PPE) is required to handle the EW, and there are no noxious or irritating fumes in the air.

Finally, the new process is effective at low temperatures, resulting in an estimated 96 percent reduction in energy requirements. The energy reduction at RM2’s Arkansas wash site alone is enough to power 30 average US households per year.

The implementation of the new cleaning process is a solution developed jointly between RM2’s UK and US operational teams, along with the technical and engineering assistance of Greenteck Global in the UK.

RM2 issues, retrieves and sanitizes more than 1.5 million reusable IoT-enabled pallets annually through a network of over 30 service facilities in a scalable and environmentally sustainable pallet pooling system.