Real-time positioning without GPS

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

RALEIGH, North Carolina — Last month, Wiser Systems, a developer of ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless location and tracking systems, began offering its newly-certified Locator solution to Canadian customers.

Wiser’s first major customer in Canada has deployed the system for real-time yard management in Gatineau, Quebec.

The yard management organization implemented the newly-certified solution as soon as it was available. The organization uses the Wiser Locator to locate and track vehicles in a large garage, showing precise locations as each vehicle moves through the garage, automating routes for location-based tasks like in-yard maintenance, refueling, vehicle washing schedules, electrical recharging, and parking management.

While this company utilizes GPS to locate and track vehicles in the field, it required a supplemental technology to more reliably locate and track vehicles inside garages. This application also required high accuracy positioning to determine vehicle location down to individual parking spots, which is typically not possible with GPS.

With certification and an initial customer project complete, Wiser is now exploring additional opportunities to utilize the Wiser Locator in Canadian markets for applications in manufacturing, warehouse management, supply chain and logistics, healthcare, energy, and other settings where U.S. companies already employ the system.

“One thing we discovered early on as a company is that our core technology can be used in almost any industry,” said Wiser CEO Elaine Rideout.

“We’ve also known for some time that we could deliver critical capabilities for countless customers outside the U.S., where we’re based. The outsized demand coming in from Canadian companies made it the logical first choice for our international certification effort. We’re so excited to be able to bring our technology to the Canadian market.”

Wiser’s Locator solution, which has been certified in the U.S. by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), required Industry Canada (IC) certification before it could be sold in Canada.

The system uses Redundant Radio Localization Technology (RRLT) for real-time positioning without requiring – or interfering with – WiFi or GPS. The system autonomously reports precise (sub-meter-to inch-level) coordinates via a computer or mobile device and is accurate even in cluttered, metallic, or complex manufacturing environments where conventional tracking technologies perform poorly.

The system is lightweight and portable and can be deployed in minutes, indoors or out. Although Wiser’s Locator has only been on the market for a few years, 25 percent of customers are Fortune 500 companies, including several large aerospace and defense contractors, multiple U.S. Government agencies, and a large Japanese automotive company, among many other organizations.

Wiser designs and manufactures its products in North America.