Alliance Shippers merges services

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Alliance Shippers Inc. is bringing two of its current services together. 

The highway services division, created in 2001 to offer a long-term highway solution, and Alliance critical capacity, created in 2016 with a more on-demand approach, will now operate as one department, under one name: Alliance highway capacity.

“We are very excited about the enhanced benefits this strategic alignment brings our current and future customers,” said Steve Golich, president and CEO of Alliance Shippers Inc.

“Alliance highway capacity combines the strengths of on-demand, transactional market trends with long-term, dedicated capabilities — giving us the power to tailor our solutions to each customer’s specific needs.” 

Customers have the option of using both transactional and contractual highway brokerage solutions with the service. These include drop trailers, dry vans, flatbeds, box trucks, refrigerated shipments, full visibility of shipments and full EDI integration capabilities.

More than 27,000 contracted carriers rated above industry standards for safety and insurance coverage are included. It also includes an extensive contracted group of CTPAT-certified cross-border carriers, covering both Canada and Mexico.

 Current customers of highway services division and Alliance critical capacity will be automatically set up with Alliance Highway Capacity, and will be able to experience the consolidated service immediately.