Trailer roof snow removal

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

FleetPlows from Scraper Systems by Rite-Hite are automated snow removal systems for trucks, vans, reefer trailers, containers, box trucks, and buses.

Designed for safe, efficient, low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions, Scraper Systems FleetPlows solve the problem of clearing rooftop snow from fleets in all sectors of the transportation industry.

Using a Deep-V plow blade, the FleetPlow can remove up to 24 inches of heavy, wet snow in less than 30 seconds per vehicle. A powered height adjustment can accommodate vehicle heights up to 14 feet tall without damaging roofs.

In an environment where year-round operational efficiency is paramount and state and provincial regulations for rooftop snow removal are tightening, FleetPlow brings added efficiency and increased safety. Clearing snow and ice from truck, van, and bus roofs reduces operator fines associated with snow removal and loose cargo regulations.

More importantly, the FleetPlow helps minimize the risk of property damage and personal injury to motorists from dislodged rooftop snow flying from vehicles.

Fuel costs associated with extra snow weight are reduced when vehicle roofs are clear.

Using a FleetPlow eliminates the need to remove snow by hand, so labour expenses can decrease, as well as employee injuries caused by moving heavy, wet snow, and ice in hazardous conditions.

With a variety of models to choose from, Scraper Systems FleetPlows offer safe snow clearing from most vehicle and roof types including flat, rounded and translucent roofs, and intermodal cargo containers.

A portable model with a rollable chassis frame allows the system to be relocated out of the way when the snow season is over.