Are drones the future of warehousing?

by MM&D Online staff

Farmington, UTAH—Drones may soon offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional palletizing methods.

With little superstructure or extensive hardware to install, a drone-based palletizing solution could be deployed rapidly, and should be capable of a relatively high sustained load throughput. Although the current limitation on their usefulness is clearly the weight of the carried load, this is not seen as insurmountable in the medium term—interest from companies like Amazon will continue to drive battery and control development.

To view a Demo3D video of the Qimarox drone concept, follow this YouTube link.

Emulate3D develops cost-effective dynamic 3D industrial simulation modeling software products that facilitate the demonstration, understanding, and sale of automated material handling systems.

Qimarox is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of components for material handling systems, including palletisers and vertical conveyors.