Automated trailer loading

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Ancra Systems has developed and engineered a new version of its Skateloader truck loading device, which was recognized with the best innovation of an existing product award at MODEX 2022.

The new Skateloader reduces trailer loading time to seven or eight minutes.

Automatic truck loading and unloading always requires two systems: one system in the trailer and a ‘fixed’ installation inside the loading and unloading dock. When a trailer docks the entire load is loaded or unloaded automatically. Ancra has created an animated video demonstrating how it works.

Truck loading and unloading systems are most commonly used for shuttle services between production facilities and distribution centres. Truck loading and unloading times are reduced from half an hour to a matter of minutes. Return on investment times are short due to the immediate savings compared to traditional loading and unloading (using fork-lift or hand pallets trucks).

This redesigned Skateloader loads high volumes of palletized goods or slip-sheeted goods into non-modified truck, trailer or container automatically in one shot. The overall loading or unloading cycle can be reduced from around 30 minutes to just seven or eight minutes, allowing a single dock door to handle up to four full trailers per hour.

Ancra says the Skateloader can be integrated with WMS and production systems, and not only speeds up turns at the dock, it also makes the work environment safer by eliminating hand-balming and forklift work in trucks and trailers.

Less handling also means lower rates of damage to goods being moved.