Automated void-fill system

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Ohio  – Ranpak Holdings Corp. has launched a new generation of its AccuFill automation technology in North America.

The new AccuFill is a protective paper packaging solution designed for automated packing environments. Ranpak’s latest solution optimizes the amount of void fill material used in high volume packaging operations to increase the efficiency and productivity of packaging operations.

As boxes come down the line in a packaging operation, AccuFill sensors scan the box, determine box size and the volume of objects inside the box, and then compute the amount of paper needed to fill the void. The AccuFill tower and the FillPak SL converter communicate to dispense the correct amount of paper, with no guesswork required.

AccuFill is equipped to remember up to 30 different box sizes. Users also benefit from six standard analysis reports by collecting data from each box run through the system. In addition, AccuFill can provide sustainability and cost benefits, including potential labour savings which translates into a fast payback on investment. Ranpak’s AccuFill machine can typically pay for itself in 12 to 18 months.

Ranpak’s paper-based packaging is curbside recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.