Cross-belt sorter for small items

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MHS has a new cross-belt sorter designed to handle small items.

Intelligent induction books the cells as either a single or double depending on the parcel size to maximize throughput.

The HC-Loop Double Cell uses sections of two cross-belt cells that can either work simultaneously to handle a single large item or independently to handle two smaller items and boost capacity.

The versatility of the double-cell design enables the sorter to handle items as small as 2.95 x 2.95 x 0.11 inches and as large as 33.46 x 25.59 x 25.59 inches. The HC-Loop Double Cell gives operations a solution to handle small items like flyers, polybags and shoe boxes, while maintaining the flexibility to handle larger packages like electronics or office supplies.

The precise diverts of the HC-Loop Double Cell enables the use of narrower chutes to increase density and reduce the total footprint of the system, while achieving up to 99.99 percent sortation accuracy.

An intelligent induction system works to increase the utilization of available sorter cells by booking them in advance for target parcels, helping operations reach a capacity of up to 4,500 parcels per hour using a single compact induction line.

“As operations face a demanding product mix and rising commercial real estate costs, the HC-Loop Double Cell sorter offers the versatility they need in a compact, efficient package,” says Luis Antezana Vila, product manager, cross-belt systems, MHS.

“But avoiding unplanned downtime is also critical. That’s why we’ve worked to establish strong component reliability and leverage sensor-based technology to predict and prevent unexpected outages.”

Sensors placed along the sorter track and within each cell constantly monitor overall system status and individual components. Through predictive analytics, MHS can detect when a failure might be imminent, based on data reaching pre-determined thresholds, and proactively alert maintenance teams to help avoid unnecessary downtime.

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