Ballard supplies fuel cell stacks to Plug Power

by Array

VANCOUVER: Ballard Power Systems will supply Plug Power Inc with a minimum 3,250 fuel cell stacks over 18-months for use in the material handling market.

The deal—structured under an existing equipment supply agreement running through 2014—calls for Plug Power’s purchase by the end of 2012, with power levels ranging from 1.5 to 20 kilowatts each.

“This agreement enables further fuel cell stack cost reductions, which will strengthen competitiveness of fuel cell solutions compared to lead acid batteries,” said John Sheridan, Ballard’s president and CEO. “Together with ongoing systems development work underway at Plug Power, this will impact growth in the North American market and in Europe.”

Ballard FCvelocity-9SSL fuel cell stacks are part of Plug Power’s line of GenDrive systems, designed to address the complete range of class 1, 2 and 3 forklift trucks for the North American market. Plug Power is also working to develop GenDrive systems with Ballard fuel cell stacks, which the company said can further reduce system costs, expand the applications and increase geographic reach.

“Plug Power has seen orders accelerate, with material handling customers continuing to convert distribution center lift truck fleets to GenDrive hydrogen fuel cell power,” said Andy Marsh, president and CEO of Plug Power. “This agreement with Ballard is a reflection of the continuing growth of the sector.”