Documentation system to reduce errors

by MM&D Online Staff

Yusen Logistics Co Ltd and SATO Corporation have collaborated to launch a global logistics IT solution that integrates purchase orders, production and shipment, and transport data to provide significant labour savings to customers.

The solution is a combination of Yusen Logistics’ NEXT Visibility System and SATO’s Daisharin SaaS scan and pack system which integrates customer purchase orders and production, packaging and shipping data at overseas factories and warehouses, together with international shipping data. The solution makes use of barcodes and portable scanners to reduce manual data entry and documentation.

In global logistics, inconsistencies between freight and documentation data lead to troublesome revision work due to geographical and language barriers. In addition, the manual confirmation of freight requires significant labour resources for incoming shipments at the destination.

The solution is intended to deliver labour savings to customers by preventing the need for such revisions, thanks to improved data accuracy from the shipping side. Effective utilization of data throughout the system dramatically enhances efficiency on the receiving side.

The solution is cloud-based, meaning overseas production and packaging status, as well as progress in shipment status, can be readily accessed online, eliminating inquiries to the factory and carrier. The service is available for a monthly fee, reducing up-front investment and maximizing cost benefit.