Benchmarking global trade and transportation

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – QAD Precision, an industry-leading provider of global trade management and transportation execution software, has released a benchmarking tool that allows companies to measure their global trade and transportation operations against best-in-class processes.

QAD Precision is a division of QAD Inc.

“Trade tensions between some of the world’s largest economies have prompted global enterprises to re-examine their operations to find ways to minimize costs and increase efficiencies,” said QAD Precision president Steve Gardner.

“The QAD Precision benchmarking tool gives companies insight into areas where operations can be improved to mitigate risk, control costs and increase ROI.”

To benchmark their operations, companies answer a series of questions. Once the answers are submitted, participants immediately receive an email with their overall score relative to best-in-class companies. This score helps a company identify if improved processes are needed.

QAD Precision, based on the information received, also sends participants a personalized report with detailed insight into their operations. The report helps identify gaps that could expose a company to a regulatory audit, penalties or unnecessarily high transportation costs. The report also makes recommendations for improvements.

The benchmarking tool and report are complimentary to any company that wishes to measure their operations and are offered without obligation.