Mitigate supply chain risk

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Wayne, Pennsylvania — Elemica and DHL Resilience360, a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform, have partnered to build a new solution providing unprecedented insight into risk events and their impact on increasingly complex supply chains.

“Complex global supply chains need to know where potential risks lie that may affect their bottom line and disrupt the success of their businesses,” said Rich Katz, chief technology officer with Elemica. “With Elemica’s business network providing end-to-end visibility, combined with insights from the DHL Resilience360, companies are better able to understand their vulnerabilities and can put into place actions that will allow them to continue operations thereby mitigating their risk and exposure.

Early notice of disruptive events saves days of assessment in implementing mitigation strategies, providing customers a substantial competitive advantage in the speed and cost required to tactically address these incidents. Elemica’s Risk Solution will apply DHL Resilience360’s comprehensive Risk Management capability, correlating incidents with the customer’s network assets, orders and shipments to detect and understand the impact of disruptive events.

“Businesses are increasingly asking for solutions enabling them to mitigate potential supply chain failures before they even occur. Our predictive risk detection software Resilience360 provides this transparency and allows them to address risks in a more efficient and timely manner, ensuring a competitive advantage,” says Tobias Larsson, head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“Our partnership with Elemica brings together the full global workforce on both sides, creating supply chain intelligence combined with Elemica’s existing visibility of customer data. This represents a significant advantage as businesses are able to leverage our joint expertise for proactive continuity planning. This is a good example of how digitization can benefit end-to-end supply chain operations in ensuring resilience and therefore increasing competitive abilities.”

Supply chain trading partners connect across Elemica’s business network to automate and enhance business processes, and gain visibility into any potential disruptions impacting their customers, plants, 3PLs, and supply. DHL Resilience360 tracks multiple categories of risk events across the globe. The addition of DHL Resillience360 partnership with Elemica provides new layers of insight for Elemica customers, allowing them to discern which orders and products are impacted by location, what alternative shipping methods exist and the economic impact if orders are delayed.