Cloud-based asset tracking for smaller businesses

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MASON CITY, IOWA – ARK Business Systems announced Grey Trunk RFID, a cloud-based asset management system designed to help smaller businesses keep track of their equipment and materials. It is the first RFID solution offered by ARK Business Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metalcraft.

Grey Trunk RFID uses a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices to scan RFID tags or barcodes and perform an array of asset tracking and management functions – detailing documentation, custody, location, history and other data.

“Cloud storage reduces upfront costs and makes asset tracking data available anywhere,” said Tyler Johnson, ARK Business Systems general manager.

“Using a mobile app and a Bluetooth RFID reader keeps hardware simple, bringing the power of fast and effective data collection to smaller businesses. Grey Trunk RFID makes it easy for anyone to implement RFID right out of the box.

Grey Trunk RFID is available as a monthly subscription, with the basic rate covering up to 500 assets. An account can add unlimited users to ensure access for all who need to see the data. Custom reports with automated delivery ensure users see important information on a timely basis.

“Asset tracking with RFID technology decreases downtime, lost property and the costs incurred by replacing unneeded equipment and materials,” said Johnson.

Inventories that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes. Grey Trunk RFID allows users to cost effectively use RFID in their business processes.