Corrugated pallets

by MM&D Staff

Lifdek Corporation, a developer of corrugated paper pallet technology, is launching its site-assembled corrugated pallet system.

Assembled LifDek pallets.
Assembled LifDek pallets.

Lifdek pallets are constructed from two flat blanks that easily fold together without the use of adhesives or staples, are recyclable and are received and stored flat, thus reducing incoming pallet freight and pallet storage costs.

Lifdek has started production of its pallet assembly machines with Ofab Inc, a contract equipment manufacturer in Ocala, Florida. Lifdek has licensed Unisource Worldwide, Inc, to distribute corrugated products to be used with the Lifdek machines in the US and Canada.

According to the company, its corrugated pallets offer cost savings through reduced weight of freight, fewer forktruck moves and less space required for empty pallets, the option for direct shipping to stores and more.