Dock scheduling app

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Montreal-based C3 Solutions has launched C3 Hive, a last-mile visibility tool for shippers, carriers, and drivers.

This new web application is available through the company’s existing yard & dock management software platform, C3 Hub.

C3 Hive relays the most up-to-date delivery ETA information between drivers, carriers, and the facilities that are using C3’s software. In addition, the tool allows for real-time communication with drivers once they have arrived on-site.

Combined with C3’s yard and dock management systems, drivers can “check-in” to a distribution centre in advance, notify the operation if they are unexpectedly delayed, or request an earlier arrival time if they arrive ahead of their scheduled appointment.

Available as of February 2022, C3 Hive fits with C3’s mission to provide paperless, automated, and touch-free business solutions to aid in the growing need for global environmental sustainability and the overall health of their clients, their communities and employees.

C3’s roster of products help:

  • Limit dock congestion
  • Gain better visibility across their workforce and with suppliers and carriers
  • Better manage labour resources
  • Help eliminate strain caused by the increasing driver dwell time issue

“Supply chains are experiencing unparalleled challenges. At C3, we know that the trucking industry is the backbone of our global economy,” said Greg Braun, chief revenue office at C3 Solutions.

“By providing our customers with the ability to reduce driver dwell time for the carriers with which they partner, C3 Hive promotes stronger business practices and easily solves the need for advanced visibility and data-driven real-time communication.”