Forklift-free lift tables

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

ZLS Series Floor Height Lift Tables from Southworth have a pan-style platform that, when lowered, sits essentially flush to the floor allowing them to be loaded and unloaded with an ordinary hand pallet truck.

Forklift-free loading and unloading has become increasingly important as many facilities have established fork-free zones, and some have eliminated forklifts entirely. 

Suited for palletizing applications, ZLS Lifts give workers unobstructed access to loads from all four sides. Once loaded, the hydraulic lift table can be positioned to any height up to 35-3/8”.

The large 50” x 48” platform accepts a variety of pallet and skid sizes, including open or closed bottom. Three models are available with 2,000-, 4,000- or 6,000-pound capacities.

A six-inch flexible, high-visibility yellow strip is mounted to the front edge of the platform to protect against toe injuries. Lifting and lowering is controlled by either a foot switch or push-button pendant. Units operate on standard 115/1/60 power.  

ZLS Series Lifts can be equipped with a wide range of safety and convenience options including bellows accordion skirting, photo-eye toe protection, one-touch auto leveling, portability chains, custom platform sizes, and corrosion resistant finishes.