Manual push stackers

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Manual push stackers from Presto Lifts are designed for a wide variety of light industrial, warehousing, and retail back-room applications. They can be configured with manual or powered lift. 

M-Series units have either a foot- or hand-actuated pump to raise and lower loads with no electrical power. B-Series models have onboard battery power for lifting and lowering. 

Both styles are lightweight, compact, maneuverable and simple to operate. Chain-over hydraulic design moves loads smoothly up and down.

Customers can specify adjustable, solid steel forks for use with pallets or skids or a flat steel platform for use with single boxes or other individual items like dies, molds, etc. 

M-Series manual lift models are available in 1,000 or 2,000 pound capacities with up to an 18” load centre, and lifting heights up to 76”.

B-Series powered lift units can be specified with 1,000, 1,500 or 2,000 pound capacities at a 15” load centre with lifting heights up to 78”. All units are equipped with a foot-operated floor lock, a safety shield on the mast and high-impact, floor saving phenolic wheels and casters. 

Standard forks or platforms can be replaced with modified platforms that are wider, deeper, have special shapes or custom cutouts. Special load handling attachment can also be supplied including a boom with hook, cylindrical ram, drum grabber, conveyor roller bed or die pulling winch. Powered lift units can also be furnished with a tethered remote lifting and lowering control pendant.