Geotab enters AI era with analytics-driven chat

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Fleet management specialist Geotab is trying out generative AI models.

Customers now have an analytics digital assistant that they can ask questions through a chat interface linked to Geotab Data Connector. It can answer queries about vehicle performance and idling times to fuel economy comparisons, vehicle usage, cost savings, and beyond. 

Project G is built on privacy-by-design principles and keeps all customer telematics data within Geotab’s environment, never shared with any Large Language Model (LLM). 

“With Project G, we’re taking a giant leap forward in demonstrating the impact of generative AI in the connected transportation landscape. We’ve long been recognized as leaders in data intelligence and AI, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning models for years,” said Mike Branch, vice-president of data and analytics at Geotab.

“This breadth of experience presents us with a unique opportunity to analyze vast amounts of fleet data, identify patterns, and generate invaluable recommendations to optimize operational efficiency and performance.” 

Over the past year, Generative AI has become a significant area of focus and organizations worldwide are exploring its potential to drive customer and performance business efficiencies. Geotab has a strong history of AI innovation and is leveraging this expertise with customers in the beta project.

Geotab has over 55 billion data points daily across more than 3.6 million connected vehicles, and one of the industry’s largest data science teams, dedicated to data and artificial intelligence, and with a global presence spanning 165 countries. 

“The beta project is an exciting collaboration with select customers. We are able to align real-world requirements and challenges with data science expertise to learn, adapt and evolve capabilities. The possibilities are limitless, and we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that make data easily accessible for our customers,” added Branch.