Handheld dimensioning and barcode scanner

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Advantech has released its LEO-WS10 handheld dimensioning and barcode scanner.

Designed for warehouse, logistics, retail, post office, airport luggage, and inventory management applications, LEO-WS10 performs package dimension scanning, and minimizes errors related to manual data entry.

LEO-WS10 supports a wide operating temperature (-10 to 40 °C/14 to 104 °F) and is IP54 rated for protection from water and dust. It can be easily connected to any computer via USB or RS-232 and is compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux OS, enabling convenient deployment without additional hardware.

Instant Package Measurements

With LEO-WS10, users aim the scanner at the package and press the trigger button to instantly obtain the package dimensions (length by width by height). The company says the adoption of LEO-WS10 at workstations has increased efficiency by up to 293 percent inn some operations.

LEO-WS10 is also equipped with a 1D/2D barcode scanner. Thus, only a single device is needed to complete most package scanning tasks, reducing overall hardware costs and integrating workflows.

Compared to stationary dimension scanners, LEO-WS10 uses a unique laser aiming technology that provides a guide for scanning packages accurately and easily. No pre-calibration is required.