Smart package room

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Position Imaging, Inc, has added a new feature for its Smart Package Room platform. The feature uses the hand-held scanning process couriers are familiar with to automatically assign packages to residents in multifamily communities—improving accuracy and compliance and streamlining their work by 50 percent.

The Smart Package Room is a secure area where packages are easily staged, identified, tracked, and delivered to residents using Computer Vision technology. Typically, couriers scan every package individually at a wall-mounted, external kiosk. This new technology performs all scanning inside the Smart Package Room. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Scanning labels closer to the package placement location. 
  • OCR technology automatically detects the recipient and auto-assigns in the system for resident notification.
  • The mobile hand-held device allows single-hand actions and ease of use when scanning labels. 

“The Smart Package Room is quickly becoming the must-have amenity residents expect in multifamily communities—and we just made it faster and easier than ever for couriers,” said Ned Hill, founder and CEO of Position Imaging. “Now couriers have no learning curve to use our Smart Package Room—any questions about how to use our system have been removed by replicating the same process they have been trained to do for years.”