Hands-free trailer support system

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Toronto-based Ideal Warehouse Innovations has developed a new, hands-free, trailer support system – The Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS). 

With the future of dock safety heading towards automation, the GMTS can be deployed/retracted with the push of a button. The new support is permanently positioned in the trailer docking area in its retracted state.

When a trailer has been docked and secured, the GMTS can be activated from inside the loading dock area, rising to support the trailer from below, during loading/offloading. 

An Ideal Warehouse Innovations No Boots on the Ground solution, the GMTS is built for the busy dock environment where a worker in the yard would be at risk from dock traffic. Unlike most trailer support options, the GMTS is not manually deployed by a dockworker, but is operated safely from inside the dock area. 

When a truck is positioned in a loading dock for shipping and receiving, the weight of the loaded forklift working within can create an imbalance or cause aging landing gear to fail. A trailer collapse can be a devastating outcome that puts forklift drivers, dockworkers, cargo, equipment, and facilities all at risk. Positioned at the trailer’s nose, the Ground Mounted Trailer Support prevents trailer collapse and protects people, loading docks and workflow.