High-speed rubber doors

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Rite-Hite has expanded its lineup of high-speed doors with the introduction of the Raptor series of rubber doors.

Raptor dock doors are also available in polypro.

Made from ¼” SBR (styrene-butadiene) rubber, the Raptor doors offer enhanced durability in tough and harsh environments and boast some of the industry’s fastest cycle times in both loading dock (Raptor Dock) and in-plant (Raptor Pro) applications.

“Rubber doors are becoming more common across many different industries, especially those in unforgiving fields,” said Jon Schumacher, Rite-Hite Doors marketing director.

“The Raptor series offers the durability and environmental control of rubber doors with unique Rite-Hite calling cards, such as high cycle speeds and safety.”

The Raptor Dock and Raptor Pro are roll-up style doors made from SBR rubber that are housed on an overhead barrel when open. Raptor Dock doors use counter-balance springs (cycle rating 25,000) to assist the Jack-Shaft Operator, while the Raptor Pro uses a springless, direct drive, variable speed operator system.

These rubber doors offer increased durability – and require minimal maintenance – when compared to rolling steel or sectional doors. They operate at speeds of 48 inches per second, depending on door size, which approaches the speeds of the fastest high-speed fabric roll-up doors.

A breakaway feature automatically re-feeds a Raptor door back onto its track if a worker or forklift impacts it. This allows operations to continue immediately, without the need for repair.

Raptor Pro doors are equipped to handle tough outdoor environments in sizes up to 16 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Based on wind load requirements in the American Society of Civil Engineers criteria, Raptor Pro doors can take on static wind loads of up to 20 psf, which is the equivalent to a 115 mph wind.

Raptor Pro doors can be controlled by the Rite-Hite graphic user interface (GUI). GUI controls also allow for the integration of safety products such as the LED countdown timer, LED pre-announce, and the LED virtual vision. The smart technology platform Opti-Vu can also collect usage data and energy data by connecting with GUI.