Hot melt adhesive

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
SALT LAKE CITY – Packsize has introduced a Hot Melt Adhesive, the most char-resistant adhesive formulated for the unique application parameters of an on-demand packaging system.

Packsize systems engineers recognized firsthand how adhesive-related downtime played a role in a customer’s packaging production performance. In turn, Packsize developed its Hot Melt Adhesive, based on industry-leading metallocene copolymer technology, to give its customers outstanding adhesion, char resistance, clean machining, and high / low temperature performance in the most demanding conditions.

Custom boxes created using Packsize On Demand Packaging machines include a glue flap of varying types depending on the box design. Securing this glue flap is essential and is typically done with a hot melt adhesive. By applying the hot melt directly to the box flap, a strong, rigid bond is created to ensure the box remains intact and sturdy to withstand heavy handling.

Packsize customers using this specially designed hot melt adhesive report significant system performance improvements and a decrease in overall packaging costs compared to other adhesion methods, such as tape.

Packsize Hot Melt Adhesive Benefits

  • Specifically formulated for use with all Packsize On Demand Packaging corrugated box-making machines
  • Superior bonding performance / fast setting
  • Excellent heat stability / non-charring
  • Low odour
  • Easily removable from overspray
  • Improves ODP system performance resulting in reduced production costs