Industrial Trucks Review

by Array

MM&D MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2010: For many companies, materials handling solutions can eat a large part of their budgets. Lift truck manufacturers have taken note with their latest launches.

Low maintenance, fuel economy

Cat Lift Trucks delivered its first new P8000-P12000/PD8000-PD12000 series of internal combustion pneumatic-tire lift trucks to Columbian TecTank. Cat Lift says the switch will save Columbian approximately US$8,000 per month in maintenance costs. This series is equipped with an EPA-compliant purePOWER engine, two-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmission and an LED/LCD display panel.

Crown Equipment Corporation’s new internal combustion all-weather Class V pneumatic tire forklift can also curb costs with its new design. The company says it’s designed to eliminate frequent maintenance, excessive downtime and shortened lifespan that limit operator productivity in heavy-duty outdoor forklift applications.

The Crown C-5 Series pneumatic model is equipped with an industrial John Deere Power Systems engine, a dual open-core radiator that offers independent engine and transmission cooling, a long-lasting power brake, and solid pneumatic tires as standard features. The forklift, which is available in capacities ranging from 4,000 lbs to 6,500 lbs, can deliver a lifespan up to two times longer than comparable IC forklifts and can lower scheduled maintenance checks by 87 percent.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation has improved its Veracitor VX truck series, which comes with engine options designed for low fuel consumption, minimal noise and reduced maintenance and operating costs. The revamped series also offers a maintenance-free, built-in stability system.

Hyster Company has new internal combustion S50CT cushion-tire and H50CT pneumatic-tire lift trucks. The trucks claim excellent fuel economy and an ergonomic design. The models have lift capacities of 5,000 lbs, striking a balance between the number of loads moved compared with the amount of fuel used. They also come with Powershift transmission for smooth direction changes.

The new AC-powered four-wheel 4,000-lb capacity VNA Bendi from Landoll Corporation offers greater capacity. The B40VAC has a 32in-wide front axle and slim line three-stage mast making it able to stack from 72in aisles with a 48inx40in load. This new model offers faster travel, greater power efficiency and the ability to climb a 15 percent grade while fully loaded.

Harsh conditions

A clear line of sight, maneuverability and comfort are critical for operators working in tough dock environments and travelling over uneven floors, especially on stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks. The Raymond Corporation designed its new Models 4150 and 4250 to offer greater visibility, agile steering, a shorter head length and ComfortStance suspension, which isolates operators from impact and vibration, and has only nine parts for simple maintenance. The three-wheel trucks can also perform right-angle stacking maneuvers in a smaller footprint.

And because they’re powered by the ACR System, they offer quicker acceleration and increased travel and lift speeds. The ACR system also means fewer batteries and chargers are needed on hand.

Cold-storage environments

In harsher environments, such as cold-storage, companies want lift trucks that offer optimum performance and operator comfort. The new SR 5000 Series, also from Crown, is designed to reduce the impact of cold conditions and ensure optimum performance, energy savings and minimal maintenance.

The truck’s cold store cabin is completely integrated into the truck to provide comfort and performance. The truck also features Crown’s Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control, which allows the AC technology to deliver power and handling matched to the needs of the operator and specific application. It’s also designed to make it easier for operators to work comfortably through their entire shift.

Class IV, LPG powered

Linde Material Handling-North America Corporation, a subsidiary of Linde Material Handling GmbH of Germany, has introduced its new 1313 Series of hydrostatic drive, cushion-tire lift trucks.

The four models in the series are LPG-powered; have capacities ranging from 5,000lbs (H25CT) to 6,500lbs (H32CT); and are designed for the demanding conditions of the Class IV market. The Linde design team developed the 1313 Series for severe applications, and it offers substantial construction, with a frame constructed of 1/2in steel and 5/8in cross bracing.

The 1313 Series uses Linde’s hydrostatic drive system. Energy efficient, durable, and precise, the hydrostatic drive system is used in demanding applications. The system manages the adverse effects of ramps, dust, heat, humidity, pushing, shoving, and bulldozing.

LPG engines provide high torque, low fuel consumption, and low exhaust emission levels. The Linde Clear-View mast offers good visibility, residual capacity and electronic limiting of the tilt angle. The company also claims the Twin Drive Pedals allow for increased productivity and less leg fatigue. Additional ergonomic features include extra legroom and a cushioned steering axle.